My friend Gréta Timea Biró and I met in Porto this June. We decided to create a video for one of my poems – The Paths We Travel Alone, which gave the title to my first poetry collection.

If you wish to get a paperback copy of the book, please leave a comment. The book is comprised of thirty five poems, written during a period of eight years. I see them as stepping stones across infinity.


Some things make me sad,

Like spending too much time on

Social media

Or smoking on an empty stomach

Or waking up without a window in front of me. 

There’s also this knowing that from some 

Of the people I love I will have to depart 

Because there is only so much space in one’s life

For path-sharing. Some roads are as narrow

As needed to be travelled alone, maybe a good book

Could be a great companion. On the roads

We travel alone, 

We must move in one pace only, our pace, 

We must think as ourselves only and we 

Must listen to only our hearts. 

On the paths we travel alone we learn about 

What drives us, what makes us different, what 

Makes us click and turn and jump and sing and

Laugh and love, and who are those we truly 

Fall in love with. 

What makes us fly? 

What we take on these paths is very little, 

We don’t want to be carrying the past, it’s too


Maybe a few lessons extracted from courageous mistakes. 

We cannot keep in mind a future either, 

As we cannot expect to tame a hungry lion,

Or a gorgeously looking snake; 

But we can read the signs carefully, 

We can rely on our inner compasses…attuned carefully

By those very few who have inspired us to travel

And we can stop to take a good deep breath

As often as needed, because there is no rush

And there is no ending, except the shedding of the

Body which, thank goodness, won’t happen in a prison

Of our own minds.  


If you want to collaborate on video/music/performance/poetry…do not hesitate to get in touch 🙂

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