Exploring Tenerife in January

We have been five people for the past week. Our perception of time and our knowledge of this place expands day by day as we keep exploring the island. We live in a small village on the coast and have multiple possibilities to drink our coffee in truly spectacular spots while carefully planning the day ahead.

Noons and afternoons are diverse. Some of us work (remotely), some of us spend time snorkeling, tanning, reading or making mandalas in the sand by using left over shells. It’s all part of a vast process of integration into the new rhythm of life, relaxing and even healing. By luck, as our neighbours put it, we have found Yuri, who does all sorts of things, various forms of massages, acupuncture and one morning he taught us the moves of Chi Gong. Working carefully with energy, he tells us, balances the Yin and Yang. Most of us have a disbalance of energy, which in time pushes the body to use its energy to try and regulate the flow and sometimes, this natural compensation, can create various malfunctions. We all felt the miraculous work of Chi Gong and are meaning to try and integrate it into our daily (masomenos) routine, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

In the late afternoons, we take our rented skoda with beige leather interior, and drive around the island discovering its incredible diversity of flora, fauna and human habituation. We found out more about the Guanches, the first inhabitants of the island. Apparently, the island is surrounded by strong currents and in the past, some ships would get stuck at its shores. The Guanches knew which are the ways out and in exchange for this information required the ships to give them the most beautiful female they had on board. As the story tells, the Guanches venerated the female and treated women with utmost respect. We don’t know yet how they were organised and what roles did the females really have, but we intend, of course, to keep asking and searching until we find out. The thing we observed about the human fauna these days, is that most of the locals are not tall and the males are the ones who seem to take more care of their looks. They have fit bodies, more so than females, and tend to be more fashionable. Females have the usual look, tight clothes and proudly expose their healthy appetites. Most of the people have small dogs. When we inquired into it, from a dog trainer who happens to be our car owner, he told us that one of the reasons is that the big dogs here have to wear a muzzle in public and in a lot of places we see the sign: Prohibido Perros. Therefore, small dogs and cats are really having a blast here. Cats are everywhere. You feed one, ten more shall come and they are wild. But then again, extremely beautiful, just like their cat princess, Luna.

Cristina and Luna, probably searching for more cats
Cristina and Luna, probably searching for more cats

While visiting the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz, we saw how vast is the vegetation on this island. Almost all of its plants and flowers and trees have been brought here and acclimatised from all over the planet. After coming out of the Garden, we could see the specimens all over the island and experience how outside of a special area, spread all over, they seem to lose their specialness and instead become a usual occurrence. Just a tree growing on the street or a flower bush, or a gigantic cactus, have actually travelled from the other side of the world and found this harsh soil to be perfect for growth and maturing. We mainly followed the spread and incredible circumferences of the Drago tree, one of the natural symbols of the island. We found out that there are very specific rules about its plantation and ulterior care. It shouldn’t be planted close to the house fundaments and have to be really well kept. It has a bloody sap which was used in rituals and its age cannot be told by its rings but by its ramifications. It’s impressive beyond words to see it around, both in well kept gardens and in wilderness.

Our life in five people is lovely, some of us know each other for many years and we are glad to have been reunited after years of all sorts of individual and global happenings. And some of us are new, therefore, while strengthening old friendships, we form new ones and this intensifies our sense of perpetual inner growth.

Cristina and Geo bonding between clouds
Cristina and Geo bonding between clouds

From Monday on, the pandemic regulations allow us to sit six people at one table, so we are more than happy to share the same table, since until now, for the past 2 weeks, we had to improvise with the table arrangements. All in all, once more and always, travelling remains an absolute necessity for a life well-lived and we are grateful with every ‘wow’ and with every silent look at one another, understanding beyond words how important it is to know that through us, others may travel as well. We are here with many and we salute you all and hope to inspire you to explore this planet in all its glory. Who knows, maybe we are all made to keep moving, our homes in our hearts and our dreams simplified to a short walk through a wild backyard garden.

Breakfast champagne and Banana wine

Exploring Tenerife with good friends

We travelled on the 10th of January, three people, from Berlin to Tenerife. All we needed was to do the covid test and complete the form for entering Spain. We did the appointment for the test on centogene.com, selected the option to do it at the airport and it was 68 euros. Also, the good part, it’s a mouth test. Easy and fast, no nose terror. It’s possible to enter Spain without the self-responsibility declaration form, which can also be completed at the airport after landing.

Almost there 😀 😀 😀

Our hosts picked us up from the airport and we went for a walk on the beach and first taste of local food in Médano. Salty potatoes, traditionally boiled in seawater but nowadays just being boiled in water with salt and the super sauce, mojo, which contains cilantro, salt, pepper, olive oil and love. 4 people maximum allowed at a table, no masks on terraces and the beach, but everywhere else.


We live in Barranco hondo, a fishermen village on the north-east coast, between Tabaiba and Candelaria. The weather here is extremely unpredictable. The first week, that is from 10th to 16th of January, we had rain, winds, clouds and random rays of sun. Tenerife has the shape of an upward oriented triangle, and the thing about this is that the clouds are being departed at its top, which leaves the south sunny and cloudless. So, being on the north-east coast we have the dense clouds which brush the right side of the island and therefore are thinking to keep moving South as we will be searching for new accommodations. Our intention is to stay at least a month, look for land to buy and explore everything while catching as many sunrises and sunsets as possible. Oh, and rainbows. We saw 5 in ONE day. (Sorry, no rainbow photo(s) ).

Our village – Barranco hondo

In the last two days, we became more and more captivated by the history of the island and kept asking about its native people, Guanches. We saw some statues of their men on the seaside of Candelaria. What attracted our attention were their stature and body positions. Tall, well-built, handsome and elegant. They didn’t pass to us a message of barbarism, but of a rather sophisticated nature. In the next weeks we intend to find out as much as possible about their livelihoods. What we know so far is that they came from berbers and that they have totally disappeared. No trace left, except for whispers in the wind and invisible steps on the melted lava.

We are experiencing overwhelming amounts of joy and familiarity with this place. Being able to work remotely while exploring new grounds is entirely fulfilling. Tonight, we will be cooking various types of fish and sea animals: corvina, caballa, lapas, octopus and shrimp. Two of our friends are arriving tonight from Bucharest and we will have dinner with our hosts, their families and maybe some of the neighbours. As we keep saying – this is the good life. Simple, yummy and pretty much incredible.

Thank you for sharing

In the stories we tell to others, 

We are always different, 

We have new breakthroughs about

Our characters…and we wonder…

Is the listener making it so? 

In the nights we share with new lovers, 

We are always different, 

Our minds converging new scenarios, 

Pieces of the old lost expectations and 

Future illusions which didn’t have a 

Chance to die yet…and we wonder…

Are we ready to fully love again? 

Into the glasses we drink with our friends, 

We stare as if fishing for a new image, 

Big eyes and all hazy the down, 

Memories lost for good reasons. 

No more wondering, we are all safe, 

Love never ends, really, 

But here and there, once and again, 

Someone writes a lyric.

The same applies

Be careful who’s your saviour, 

In case you’re looking to be saved, 

For to this saviour lies your debt, 

For seeing a new day.

Be wise when life puts you in danger, 

Who jumps to give you the first hand, 

They might promise you shelter, 

But they expect of you to beg. 

And if so happens that life has not

Put you in prison, and has not made

You into a prey, still…be careful who’s 

Your saviour, for it can also be yourself.

The Smile of Disgrace

Those who carry the loads of the world, 

Are beggars. They beg for the lord, from 

The lord, and what better, they get no 

Response. Yet, they are the only ones

Smiling. Why is that? How can they? 

Lost in the cold discomfort of wetness,

Defecation and mud, they bring contrast, 

They spice the bridges with a look upon

Life feared by too many; the mass is not

Willing to lose their belief, nor its religion. 

Who is here to debate the devastations? 

Again, I say, and with this the world enters

Stagnation: the world is carried by beggars 

Without their notion. Empty your hands, 

And give them your fingers, let their disgrace 

Remind you…of the loss of your freedom.

Dramatic Moment

Your lips are all wet and I kiss them,

I would kiss those lips even if I didn’t

Have to, because you stretched to me

Beyond the borders of your compre-

Hension and for that I know I want to

Be the one you look for when you are

Searching. I don’t want there to be no

Other, its just me and you, and I forgive 

You, even if you don’t believe me. What

Is there to believe, besides: I love you. 

Remember those tremors: us stretched 

In bed, naked bodies not knowing what 

To do next. I have been learning about 

You. What I don’t understand shall be 

Expressed by my willingness to know it. 

To know you. Whoever you are. Don’t, 

Just don’t let me, or you, or the world,

Or whoever blinds your future desires, 

To think that there is anything else…ex-

isting besides the love we know we 

Shared in the embraces of feeling it might

Sleep away. Because it did. And it’s not 

A neverending song. It’s a mystery.

Maybe a wink

I often sit and do nothing. 

Catch a morning sky that 

Combines the pink and the 

Blue, melting in my mouth

As I move through 

It. Myself a lonely beat. 

Crashed by supreme desires

Which never exist, what a 

Bliss to know that noone is 

Here. Noone is here to stay. 

Nowhere to go. No outside. 

No border. No end. 

Complete in the knowing

That this day is the best 

Day of all. 

No goodnight, no hello. 

Faith Is Supreme

Those whispers we trust 

Show how strong belief is

The whispers of the past

Voices of those in whom 

We trusted to narrate us 

The story of life and how 

Those warnings, those 

Trembles, those fears 

They had, transformed 

Into the mind which we 

Cherish and carry around

As our compass.

But belief does not have 

To be part of the play. 

Faith in life is enough.

But what does it mean to have faith in life? 

To know beyond knowing, 

Beyond the necessity of proof, 

That you are Life.