My friend Gréta Timea Biró and I met in Porto this June. We decided to create a video for one of my poems – The Paths We Travel Alone, which gave the title to my first poetry collection.

If you wish to get a paperback copy of the book, please leave a comment. The book is comprised of thirty five poems, written during a period of eight years. I see them as stepping stones across infinity.


Some things make me sad,

Like spending too much time on

Social media

Or smoking on an empty stomach

Or waking up without a window in front of me. 

There’s also this knowing that from some 

Of the people I love I will have to depart 

Because there is only so much space in one’s life

For path-sharing. Some roads are as narrow

As needed to be travelled alone, maybe a good book

Could be a great companion. On the roads

We travel alone, 

We must move in one pace only, our pace, 

We must think as ourselves only and we 

Must listen to only our hearts. 

On the paths we travel alone we learn about 

What drives us, what makes us different, what 

Makes us click and turn and jump and sing and

Laugh and love, and who are those we truly 

Fall in love with. 

What makes us fly? 

What we take on these paths is very little, 

We don’t want to be carrying the past, it’s too


Maybe a few lessons extracted from courageous mistakes. 

We cannot keep in mind a future either, 

As we cannot expect to tame a hungry lion,

Or a gorgeously looking snake; 

But we can read the signs carefully, 

We can rely on our inner compasses…attuned carefully

By those very few who have inspired us to travel

And we can stop to take a good deep breath

As often as needed, because there is no rush

And there is no ending, except the shedding of the

Body which, thank goodness, won’t happen in a prison

Of our own minds.  


If you want to collaborate on video/music/performance/poetry…do not hesitate to get in touch 🙂

How to put your first poetry book together

If you are reading this, then most probably you have been writing poetry for a while now and feel kind of ready to bring your collection together. But how to decide which poems go into it and which don’t? And how many poems are enough? These are important questions and I will try to answer them below based mostly on my own experience as a self-published poetess.

Before coming to the moment of feeling ready to start putting the book together, I felt that everything was everywhere. I have been writing poetry for about eight years. Luckily, I had a bit of organisational skills which saved me some time. I had various files/folders in my computer and in my phone with ‘poetry’ in the title, so I could find them easily. Also, in the last few years I began writing in googledocx and I had one file open every year where I wrote down poems, tryouts, everything poetical. Also, I had a blog where I began publishing my poetry, and that was…besides the organisational aspect, a very important step into getting the book together. And so, while you are going through all your ever written poems, I would advise you to start publishing on your blog.

a) Publishing your poetry on a blog

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you have many followers, or any, on your blog. What matters is that you put your poems out. Why is it important to have your poems published (on your blog)? Because it offers you the possibility to read your poems from an outside perspective, that of a random imaginary reader, and then…as it happened very often for me…you see the typos, the mistakes, those sneaky little letters hiding from the writer’s eye.

Another good thing about publishing your poems on the blog is that it offers you the possibility to get over the fear of being read/exposed/rejected. It’s a block of feelings and it gets more loose with every poem that goes online. I did it for months until I was totally comfortable and even excited to check the stats and see the countries from which my readers came from…but still…if I didn’t publish for even a few days…the block would start solidifying again. Therefore, for a while, before the actual publishing of your book, it is advisable to constantly work through the fear of rejection by publishing on your blog. Make yourself public and work through your inner fears. It works wonders and also allows yourself and people who get to read you to pick on the fact that you are, indeed, a dedicated poet/ess. The poems I chose to publish were the ones I was writing on that day. I would write it and put it out. read it. See the mistakes. Edit. Done.

#beyourownreader #beyourowneditor

Another thing I did after a while of putting my poems up on the blog, was to share a link of the freshly published poem to my FB page and/or make a story with ‘new post’ on IG. I used these platforms in order to completely get myself out of the closet.

b) Start by selecting through your poems

What I did at first, was to open a new document and start writing titles of poems, one under the other, to count how many poems I might consider for the book. It’s a really engaging process of filtering and selection. At first, I had over 100 poems. I went through all my poetry files and began selecting everything that I felt had something in it. Something which I liked, enjoyed reading. Eventually, when I began feeling into the poems, I knew precisely which ones are meant to be part of the book. The poems which I selected were the ones that meant something, that my mind would go back to from time to time. They stuck to me and kept reappearing in key moments of my life. It was as if the words were imprinted in my mind. Or, to put it in another way, as if I knew the poems by heart. And beyond all that, those were poems in which I felt I was truly myself. I could stand their ground. I could speak about them. I knew their story.

c) The extra poems

I call ‘the extra poems’ the poems that have not yet been written (at the time of compiling the book), but will go into the book (once they will be written), or those that do not necessarily have a meaning but are maybe dedicated to someone you know. When I first collected the poems for the book, I was still missing a few, around five of them. Luckily, at the time I was doing the selection, I wrote the poem ‘The Paths We Travel Alone’ which also became the title of the book.

d) About the title

Don’t worry about the title, it will come.

e) Why self-publish

I decided to self-publish because of many reasons, the most important one is that I didn’t want to stress while having full control of the process. Also, I believe that self-publishing the first book can be a valuable experience because we learn about the steps of bringing a book out, we take the main decisions (the fonts, the placement, the paper, the cover etc) and therefore gain valuable experience in knowing more precisely how to go about publishing the next books.

And the most important part – You really start understanding the value of your work!

f) The feeling of completion

I realised I had a feeling of completion when I began writing poems in a completely different pace, tonality, rhythm. The subjects changed and the technicality of my poetry felt much more advanced. Therefore I knew, I am already writing the second book…which meant one thing – the first book was complete!

g) The first sample

I have to mention that once I decided to publish the first book, while already working on the second, everything went easily and smoothly. The pressure was off. I had the PDF, sent it to a typography/printing house and in no time I had the first sample. I finally read it from cover to cover. Thirty four poems. A perfect morning coffee companion. I decided to add another poem and, together with the typography, we decided to change the cover and adjust some minor details. Then came the next two big steps. How to get the money to print three hundred copies and how to spread them around. I will go into the details regarding these two steps in the next blog posts. Meanwhile, good luck collecting your poems…and trust me, the first steps are the easiest.

To pre-order my first poetry collection 'The Paths We Travel Alone' send me an email to
To pre-order my first poetry collection ‘The Paths We Travel Alone’ send me an email to #supportpoetry


1. When starting to collect the poems and putting them in a doc/x, make sure to have as examples a few poetry books which you like or enjoy the way they look. Have them close, because they will help you decide on the small, mind-bogging, details such as: paging, fonts, spacing, what is and what isn’t ok, blank pages etc. Just feel free to steal from them.

2. Keep a personal journal. Write down your feelings and thoughts every day. Build your inner trust. Don’t write beautifully, or literally, or creatively, just write. Take it all out. This is the debris which is best placed in a separate journal rather than letting it weave through your writing. Be honest with yourself as a person first, and then you can be honest with yourself in your creative writing.

3. Don’t let others dictate you how to do your thing. See the book, visualise it and feel into it. The book will slowly come to life and you’ll be flexible enough to not get influenced.

3. From time to time, take your shoes off and go for a walk.

I was born for greatness

I remember how it felt
The pain
Releasing guilt
Old roles falling away
The understanding that not all mothers love their children
And not all lovers believe in love.
Those were the hardest times of my life and yet
I was smiling
Beneath all pain and hurt and endless ramblings of a changing
Was silence and a deep sense of liberation.
I stood up. I said yes to freedom.
My knees were hurting.
I could barely move.
The pains of growth were unbearable
Yet I felt lifted up,
Held in the hands of grace
Encouraged to see myself for who I am,
A being filled with an endless capacity to inspire
A being born for greatness
A warmhearted woman
A child of Lorde.
One of the kind ones in a world
Which constantly forgets
That life is a miracle.

Cristina Burduja photographed by Laura Balc
Cristina Burduja photographed by Laura Balc

To pre-order the first poetry collection by Cristina Burduja, The Paths We Travel Alone, please send an email to: with the subject: Pre-order!

When between the old and the new…choose to support Poetry

Sometimes there’s a battle within us
Between the old and the new
Between who we used to be and whom we have become.
The old sides are seen on our faces;
The hurt, the suffering, the betrayal, the parts that still struggle to integrate the love which was mistreated.
The new sides are yet unrecognisable
Only by separating the old, can we see ourselves in a new light
Another perspective
Revealing that which is behind the conditioned portrayal of one’s desire to belong
To stay safe
To be accommodated.

This battle can take a while, and sometimes it might come back due to
The personal takes on the wins and the losses.
But each time it does,
Its strength to disturb us is less
For in kicks the new
The forever
Saying: and this too shall pass.

The good and the bad.
Everything passes.
What remains is silence
A mind no longer rumbling
A stomach no longer hungry
A wallet no longer empty
A vice no longer hated
A look forward without looking back.

Cristina Burduja by Laura Balc

On our ways through life, we sometimes need companions. They don’t have to be people. A great companion could be a book…one of those we could take to an island and read in solitude. What makes us choose a book or another…I guess a great companion for a lifetime, just like a great life partner, is a book we can always go back to and discover something completely new, something so obvious and so sweet that the taste of it lingers within us, invades us with a warm feeling and puts a smile on our faces. As it is with life partners, so is with a book as a great companion, we choose it because we just can’t stop falling deeper and deeper in love, every day, we can’t stop the desire to know, to ask, to find out, to discover, to be surprised. It’s like falling in love over and over again. With every read…while feeling safe to go through the most unexpected storms.

‘The Paths We Travel Alone’ is such a book. A companion on the paths of life. A compass during tricky crossroads. Every time I read it, it reminds me how precious everything is, reminds me of the main goal: to be kind to ourselves and to one another. To find out for ourselves that we are never truly alone and that THAT which we seek is to be found right now, right here.

To pre-order the book, send me a message and in no time…this great companion shall knock on your door.

Much love and appreciation to those who already pre-ordered. You are now part of the poetic revolution. Congratulations to you, to us all 🌐




First Pre-Order Shout Out – The Paths We Travel Alone

After eight years of collecting poems, I have arrived at a moment of completion. As I write this, my first poetry book ‘The Paths We Travel Alone’ is being printed by Terra Design (Romania). The book is available for pre-ordering. If you want a copy or more, please write me a message and I’ll give you all the information on how to go about it.

Cristina Burduja photographed by Laura Balc
Cristina Burduja photographed by Laura Balc

The book is comprised of thirty five poems written on subjects such as love, womanhood, mysticism and home. I see them as stepping stones over infinity.

‘If there was one of thing I could say about my poetry is that it’s magical and those who would truly penetrates through it will soon discover that their hearts have been touched and their lives have been transformed forever.’

The book also contains photographs by @laurabalc @xeniamateiu @thelu.mag whom are absolutely amazing women and creators.

I am also currently co-curating a poetry exhibition in California at @villagerockshopofficial where women from around the globe have been and are invited to contribute by recording a video of the poem ‘I Raise a High Praise’, a poem dedicated to women’s beauty, creativity and elegance. More updates on this will follow.


🙏🙏🙏 Thank you life for guiding me with your gifts and whispers 🦋🦋🦋

Free Woman

°Part Four°

You will know a free woman to be uncompromising,

For she came into being

When her cries of sadness turned into tears of joy

By her clear seeing that

She is life

And as life she can change her walks, she can change her

Talks, she can change faces, and characters, and minds,

For her only consistency is being in tune with

Her essence

Not with the expectations of doubtful people

Who come to the edge of their being

Only to ask: but what about my life?

Turn back, pick a stone and wait for a free woman

To walk by

Smelling of freshness and emanating good vibes.

She is a badass

And she won’t stop being herself, for she is

Always that.

You just make sure to hit hard

So it could bounce back and open your


Laura Balc by thelu.mag
Laura Balc by thelu.mag

God bless you.

God bless us all,

So we can keep the love

No matter how good the bargaining,

So we can always choose life

No matter how precious the stones.

Laura Balc by thelu.mag
Laura Balc by thelu.mag


In May, 2021 me and Laura began a collaboration of photography with poetry. It came out of a push, a push to not let our connection grow weak but rather go deeper into our friendship and into our art. We know each other for many years, time in which we both grew stronger in love with what we do. Her photography inspires every single word, I connect with her, with us…and from us…comes poezia noastră.

Forever thankful for your existence.


Creative Writing Course with Cristina Burduja


This course is composed of 10 classes. We will do two writing classes every month, each every two weeks. It’s 50 EUR/class. In total we will do 10 classes. After each class you will get homework to help you sediment your wording and train your writing discipline, therefore clear your thoughts, make space in your thinking and engage your imagination in a more conscious way. The freedom of creation is at your fingertips. 

1st Class – Personal Journal 1Here we will learn how to describe the material world around us in detail, how to use words in order to see it from different perspectives.

2nd Class – Personal Journal 2 Here we will learn how to put our emotions, feelings and thoughts into words and make sense of our inner monologues and palette of emotions. 

3rd Class – Life Writing 1 Here we will pay attention to our lives, signs, moments, happenings and learn how to describe them in the words which make them relevant for our existence. 

4th Class – Life Writing 2 Here we will expand our notion of life and integrate, through words, our own experiences as part of a greater story. 

5th Class – Experimental WritingHere we will play. We will use various games and inspirational elements to create, through words, something completely unexpected. 

6th Class – Imaginative WritingHere we will incite our imagination to dive deep into our subconscious and extract some relevant information which will guide us into new realms of understanding. 

7th Class – Writing Magic Here we will learn how to write magic, how to open portals, how to create magical characters and bring enchanting creatures into life. 

8th Class – Poetry Writing Even though many think of poetry as being pretentious, there is a poet hidden in each heart. Here we will access your inner poet/ess and learn how to express life and love in poetic terms.

9th Class – Trance Writing Here we will use clever tricks to enter into a state of trance, where it feels as if the writing happens on its own and when we read what we write, we have the feeling we are reading it for the first time. I really want you to experience this, it changes everything and it’s great fun. 

10th Class – Creative WritingThis is going to be your final piece, the only one you will be sharing with me and I will be giving you feedback and help shape it into a work of writing which will be published online for others to read. Now you are a writer in all her/his rights. Words are your friends and the whole world awaits to read your stories.  

By the end of our course you’ll be able to use writing as a conversation with your most intimate self, as a trustful friend. You’ll be able to use your journal to declutter your mind, write in various ways and forms while experimenting and having fun. And most importantly, you’ll be able to express your life through words, be able to engage fully in any conversation while knowing exactly what you feel, who you are and what your life is about. And all this, will transform your life into a magical existence, where every word has its place and power and what needs not be spoken aloud can remain as part of your daily conversations with your inner self. A word can contain a whole world, let’s discover that together!


For more questions, information and scheduling, please contact me via email:

*The course can be in English or Romanian.

Free Woman

°Part Three°

A free woman knows violence, she has experienced it

From her mother, from her father, from her brothers,

From her sisters, from her friends, from anyone she

Dared to open up to, because she is feared for her

Unpredictability and intuitive knowing that no matter

How hard the evil hits, she will stand again and she

Will walk and she will dance and her face will shine

For she does not fear pain

She does not fear death

She has come out of that shit



And laughing hard

For the life of a free woman is for freedom

And that changes everything she touches

Into love

For she is not afraid of love

She comes from it

She comes from the mother

And the great mother knows her daughters well

For she has led them beyond their individuality

She has led them into compassion

Which scares away dishonest hearts.

Laura Balc by thelu.mag
Laura Balc by thelu.mag


In May, 2021 me and Laura began a collaboration of photography with poetry. It came out of a push, a push to not let our connection grow weak but rather go deeper into our friendship and into our art. We know each other for many years, time in which we both grew stronger in love with what we do. Her photography inspires every single word, I connect with her, with us…and from us…comes poezia noastră.

Forever thankful for your existence.


Free Woman

°Part Two°

Every time a free woman makes a male friend,

She expects them to eventually turn against her,

Accuse her of seducing, of being too friendly,

Giving too many hints, because she chose to play

The game equally and not bother herself with gender.

She wanted friends, not fuckers, and they wanted

Friends who fuck her.

Every time a free woman makes a female friend,

She sees how they elevate her to some divine order,

Just to try and bring her down as soon as she speaks out

Her mind and dares to take other courses, and when

A woman in chains dares to try to bring a free woman down,

She simply sinks deeper in her own bullshit and goes

To sleep forever not knowing that the free woman

Knows that and her heart aches from losing another one.

Laura Balc by thelu.mag
Laura Balc by thelu.mag


In May, 2021 me and Laura began a collaboration of photography with poetry. It came out of a push, a push to not let our connection grow weak but rather go deeper into our friendship and into our art. We know each other for many years, time in which we both grew stronger in love with what we do. Her photography inspires every single word, I connect with her, with us…and from us…comes poezia noastră.

Forever thankful for your existence.


I got my power back

The desire to have what I want

Controlled me

Subdued me

Made me go mad with myself

With my life, with others;

Now, the one it used to control is gone,

That aspect of myself have found peace

In knowing that what I want does not

Always coincide with what I need

And that made all the difference.

Lulu by Laura Balc
Lulu by Laura Balc


In May, 2021 me and Laura began a collaboration of photography with poetry. It came out of a push, a push to not let our connection grow weak but rather go deeper into our friendship and into our art. We know each other for many years, time in which we both grew stronger in love with what we do. Her photography inspires every single word, I connect with her, with us…and from us…comes poezia noastră.

Forever thankful for your existence.